It finally seems like spring is here to stay. Lighter jackets have been dusted off and my white sneakers polished next to them. With more daylight and more energy, I have more and more thoughts and ideas to sit down, take a moment and share these thoughts with you all. What a grand title, eh? Actually, the truths behind it are relatively simple. Enjoy!

Lately I’ve been thinking about…

How much are we surrounded by the “dream big, follow your heart and work hard” slogans’ combination and what it actually means in everyday choices and steps? Figure out what you want, visualize and work towards it  every day, all while believing in yourself throughout the bumps in the road.

There are two kinds of people

Oh my, the old-school labeling and categorizing – here we go. When thinking about goals, aspirations and dreaming in general, I came to the conclusion that there are two kinds of people I have crossed in life.


Meet Would, with the middle name If Only. Would always has an excuse and very often, these actually make sense. However, at some point, the absence of mostly one “If Only” element – money, talent, time, you name it – crushes all these great ideas. Would stays safe and cozy, whether it’s in a comfort zone or a pattern of habit or unhappiness.


Meet Is: in spite of appearances, Is has quite a lot in common with Would. Is has had failures in life, naturally. Is hasn’t achieved all of their initial goals and dreams, but has learned from the mistakes and taken the wheel in life. Is knows that even though having a vision and moving towards it are key, it’s just as important to be flexible and adjust to the unexpected.

However, nobody really belongs to one type alone at all times and staying safe is not always the bad option. I’m definitely not saying we should all do over-the-top crazy spontaneous, impulsive things, but there is a fine line between safety and fear as there is between spontaneous and impulsive (read: balance is key). During different times, you may have belonged to different categories. Being one type or another is not a fatal closure nor a final destination. It’s all about movement and the direction you chose and shape with each day, while listening to your intuition, which brings me to my next point.

About the intertwining of success and failure
I swear, the Internet is full of these illustrated mostly lockscreen-sized quotes, it’s becoming a little repetitive. If one of these quotes drive you on during a tough time, then by all means, screenshot away! Before I ramble on too much, allow me to introduce one quote that actually made me stop for a minute and say “You know what? This one actually made a difference!”

Success is not final and failure is not fatal.

Simply worded, yet honest, healing, releasing, motivating and get-up-and-go-for-it-enhancing all at the same time. It has stuck with me since then.

Fix Your Ambitions and Then Dream, Dream Big!

How many birthday cards have I received with the sparkling quote “May all your dreams come true!” How silly that wish seems in hindsight? “May you push your boundaries and achieve things beyond your wildest imagination” –  why not something like that? Realistic yet still leaving space for the dream to flourish. But all my dreams? I’ve dreamt about a lot of things that I know I wouldn’t necessarily want now – from having a pet tiger being a fashion designer, even though I dread sewing and would much rather type my fingers numb writing about fashion.

Believe in your dream and act as if you already had it

Have vision boards or listen to motivational podcasts, write your dreams down every day, whatever suits you best. How would you feel? Would you walk with better posture?
What would that successful version of you that has already achieved these things do differently? Put yourself in character! So you may not be able to afford that car or bag yet, but these are just the sugarcoat parts. Would you eat healthier or laugh louder? Whatever it is for you – just do it already.

Do Something Every Single Day and Always Keep Moving

What really sets your heart on fire? What is that topic that makes your heart race? And what is that big dream you have regarding to that interest? Once you’ve found out, do something every single day, no matter how trivial it may seem.
Rejection is not fatal and a “yes” is no reason to rest on the laurels – keep moving! Do take a moment when things get too stressful*, clear your head, take deep breaths, rest if you must, and then go on. Repeat til infinity.



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*About Stress

What do you do when stress and pressure grow over your head? BetterHelp is here to guide you. Please see this stress-related article for further information:

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