Autumnal Beauty Favourites For 2018 – Makeup And Skincare Discoveries

Early mornings – a quick beauty routine, coffee to go and a fast-paced walk to class – the Autumn hustle season is in full force. Some mornings I feel like sleeping a little more than I feel like doing a full face of makeup so I stick to a five-minute beauty routine. On other days, I like to take the time to glam up. There’s just something about getting up early that motivates me. Okay, so the first five minutes are hard but once you’re out of bed, it feels so good to get things done before getting to school and not only beauty routine wise. I just love the feeling of going to class and knowing I’ve already done something productive, whether it’s writing a few lines, revising a class or running some online errands.

But when it comes to beauty, I sure have developed a list of favourites this season. These are staples whether I like a natural or more glamorous look. Without further ado, let me share these with you.

A Shot Of Freshness

The toner is back in my beauty routine! As you can see, I’ve used up pretty much most of the product. It just leaves my skin feeling so silky and refreshed. I let is sit for a minute before applying my day- or nighttime moisturiser. It’s just that extra step in between that blends your skincare into a seamless self-care goodness. Diadermine PH5 Lotion Tonique Apaisante 

My Morning Moisturiser

When it comes to moisturisers, I love to switch between two options: a nourishing moisturiser for the night and a reviving lighter glow-boosting moisturiser for my morning beauty routine. This BodyShop Vitamin C has been around for quite a bit and I had wanted to try it out for so long, but as I’ve said before, I like to go through a whole bottle of product before opening up something new. It has a gel-like texture and is just what I need for that extra boost. BodyShop Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser

A Nourishing Night Moisturiser

Every Autumn or Winter, I go to a “stronger” moisturiser. You just feel that your skin needs that extra care and moisture when the weather gets colder. This Nivea cream is better before going to bed, when I’ve washed all the makeup off. I put on a generous layer of product, go to bed and let my face and skin rest from the long day. NIVEA Daily Essentials 24H Moisture Boost + Nourish Rich Regenerating Night Cream










The Makeup Base For That Ethereal Glow

The first time I bought this, I tried it on top of my foundation – I know, we all love a glow, but still. Obviously that wasn’t the best look for a day at the office but I was just so excited to try it out and I already had my face on. Beauty Bloopers, you know, we all have those.

However, if you apply it under your foundation, this product gives you such a beautiful natural glow. I like to blend it with the same brush that I use for my foundation, for that extra bit of everyday subtle glitter. As you might see from the packaging, I’ve had this product for quite a while now. L’Oréal Glow Mon Amour Highlighting Drops in 02 Loving Peach

The Perfect Everyday Blush

This baby just gives you a natural finish touch to your beauty routine. A sheer rosy touch when you haven’t had that much needed beauty sleep. Lancôme Blush Subtil in Blushing Trésor









A Nope Note – The BYS Concealer… 

When first swatching this concealer at the store, I was amazed by the coverage and texture in comparison to the price. However, I noticed an irritating factor in the product when I started applying it to my face. I usually put the concealer on all the areas of my face before blending once – maybe some people like to conceal and blend one eye, then the other etc. While I was doing my routine, the concealer really started to irritate my eyes. Blending made it go away and I thought that maybe I was just having a more sensitive than usual day. Nope. After giving the product a few trials, I decided it wasn’t worth it for me, although it has great coverage and blends really well. But… it burns, so I suggest you skip it if you have sensitive skin. BYS All Day Wear Concealer



… And A Better Replacement by L.A. Girl

How long had I looked for a concealer that has stronger coverage with an affordable price. I’ve previously used MAC Pro Long Wear or L’Oréal but wanted to try something new, especially since I had heard so many good reviews about this product I was really excited to try it out. At first, I found it better to blend with my fingers, but after a few rounds of practice, it worked flawlessly with my favourite brush. Doesn’t crease! LA Girl PRO Conceal HD high-definition concealer in Porcelain




Hope you liked my list of favourites. I am always eager to try out new products, of course when I’ve used up the old ones. At least when it comes to skincare! What are your favourite products to try it out this season?


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