Plaids, Layers And What I’ve learnt From Styling My Own Outfits



Planning outfits has always been a fun outlet if not a dazzling challenge from me. In the days where sustainability is much encouraged and discussed, I find myself looking more and more into my closet, finding pieces I’ve worn so much yet never featured here. It’s like every single time I pass the window of one of my favourite go-to shopping destinations, I always see a piece that makes me think how well it would make a part of an outfit, a mood representation or something of the sort. The trick is to take a thoughtful look into your closet and actually consider the items you wear most. In my early OOTD plannings, there was always an element that I found somewhat staged. As much as I find styling experimentations fun and liberating, there has to be authenticity in it. With experience, I’ve come to pick outfits that I actually feel confident in, not just compositions that would “look cool on camera”. So what do we learn from all this?

Experiment, try different things but trust your gut: know your colors, shapes, fabrics and what works best for you. The more you experiment, the more you find the true essence of your style.

This leather jacket from Mango is one example of items I wear while forgetting to feature them, and every favourite item of mine always comes with a story. That story resonates in my memories everytime I put on that part of the outfit. I bought the jacket before moving to France. Having looked for a leather jacket for months, I was slowly becoming frustrated. I am fully aware of the hot discussion topic there is around fur and leather products and while I looked at different faux leather options, I never found a piece that I loved as much as I love this one. See, experimenting right there! A rather simple example, but one nonetheless.

 Beanie, Trousers – ZARA; Scarf, Cardigan, Sunglasses – ASOS; Leather Jacket – MANGO, Bag – RALPH LAUREN, Ring – ALDO (from Zalando)

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