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Dear 2019, You Definitely Were a Wild and Beautiful Adventure

To be honest, I wasn’t entirely convinced on writing a yearly review kind of post this time. I played around with the idea for days, even weeks, but it just didn’t feel right. The pieces just didn’t add up naturally, leaving it all feeling synthetic, overpushed. Then yesterday, just as I arrived to another town, somehow it all clicked. I paused in the street to quickly type in the core ideas and notes. And here we are, again, just as we were last year! In between and around a lovely summer break back home filled with adventures from magical island getaways, singing your heart out, my post birthday party sunrise champagne tradition among other adventures.  I challenged myself, questioned, learnt, and the list goes on and on.

Learning in and outside Uni

If you’ve read my previous posts, you probably know I moved to France for my Master’s. In the spring semester, we had a project to manage. It definitely tested our teamwork, planning and strategy skills to say the least. If I had only one single lesson to take out from this, it would be the first one in the list: teamwork!

No team, no project – it’s as simple as that. Teamwork – empathy, speaking your truth, adaptation skills – is everything! Find that common mission, insert the diversity of different visions and put together a strategy from there.

Once we got the whole team aspect balanced and figured out, our project changed drastically. Even though we were never short on challenges, we always managed to find a solution and at the end, print our limited edition photo book and selling it. All the raised funds then went to charity, which definitely was a heartwarming experience.


Other learning curves happened outside uni. Since my curriculum here is rather general, I quickly figured out towards where I wanted to go and started taking online classes in those fields. It culminated with a two-week intense Summer School in Paris. These sessions with the fashion industry professionals were honestly worth every penny! Their expertise, their creativity, their encouragement and the list goes on! When someone who has twenty years of successful experience tells you it’s okay you don’t have it all together and figured out yet – it sort of really calms you down. as long as you are passionate about the industry and willing to put in the hours.

When working out works out

Okay, in all honesty, I haven’t really kept up with my workout routine in the past weeks or so BUT… but.. I still want to stress the upcoming two personal milestones. In May, I ran a total of 100 kilometers and in the Fall, I got over my fear of morning workouts. It was such a big deal as I always thought that I wasn’t a pre-breakfast workout person all because of a failed attempt back in 2014. Stupid right? But that’s just how habits form isn’t it, a little experience or thought is enough to bring up a pattern. Once again, challenge your mind. Ask why you are doing something in a certain way and whether it really works. Keep doing it over and over again as it is so important!!

There is nothing more powerful than a woman who’s gotten over heartbreak and is ready to conquer the world!

Man or woman, heartbreak or hardship, genders and other details aside, I told myself this years ago and still keep it close to me. I find it helps me whatever the situation is. If I’m “down”, I visualise the woman I will be once I get out of the situation and when things get better – because they do – and this vision always gives me so much strength! Positive thinking, visualising and actually believing in those visions have become a driving force in setting and achieving goals.

Queue 2020

Starting 2020, we’ll have to do our end of the Master’s internship, so applying for it started rather early. After over 110 applications and countless resume upgrades, I finally got my digital marketing internship in Paris, which I am so so so overly super excited about!!

Once again, being passionate, learning to adapt and just putting yourself and your skillset out there instead of the bs “But am I … enough?” really paid off.

Finding a place to live in Paris was another big energy drainer, even more than the internship applications if you can believe it. Honestly I could write a long post on that… However, it was all a massive lesson. A lesson in keeping on going every single time, in believing in a positive outcome while constantly learning and opening yourself up to new things to learn.

Once again, a positive attitude was fundamental for me. Sidenote : I’m thinking I should write a post about mindset, positivity, their importance with good practices…

Another reason I am so very excited about 2020 is where I want to take this blog. A little project cooking, a little more info in a little time – stay tuned! With all that said, I’m off to our now traditional New Years Eve event!

2019, you were a wild and beautiful adventure, thank you for all the wonderful blessings and the load of lessons.


2020, bring it on!

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