Paris Foreeva: The Kitsch and the Classy

I have missed writing so much even though my current activity provides more than enough outlets for it. If you read my last post, I did mention a little concept I had thought of for this blog. It all started on Christmas Eve…

“Whatever happened to your blog?” my cousin asked me.

“You know what… I still haven’t found the right angle…” I replied, taking another sip of Margaux or Pinot Noir.

“What about your upcoming life in Paris?” she asked.

Paris diaries? Paris foreeva? Kitsch, I thought. But come a few days later and I actually liked the idea. So here we are. Sidenote: I thought about naming this “first” post Métro, Boulot, Chaos. The strikes have seemed to end – I think? – and the excitement of finally arriving here has made it oh so worthwhile.

Just so you know…

This isn’t my first time moving to Paris and I’ve been living in France for a year and a half now. That being said, the setting is quite different this time. I first moved here years and years ago with my parents, before we moved away some years later. Now, I came back to pursue my Master’s internship. It was something I had thought of – and planned – for quite some time. After countless visits to the city, the pull to move back was only getting stronger. So yes, I already have my favourite neighbourhoods and places I like to go to, but I honestly feel like there is still so much more to discover.

A specific angle on this post? Chaos perhaps, but also the beauty of it. The energy, the movement, the sights. Getting used to and setting up a new life mode, new routines and habits. Public transport is probably the clearest time to realise how many people really live here and how diverse the scene is. When you’re squeezed in between other people in the metro and somehow you and some other stranger randomly look at each other and you both get that “yeah it’s way too crowded in here” look.

Little errands. A trip to IKEA  and when you’ve finally unpacked and get a “now I’m home” feeling. Daily guided tours to lunch spots near the office, some more hidden than others. Wondering what my life is going to look like in six months but also truly enjoying the moment…

Sidenote: Some snaps I took on an early crisp January morning on the go. I didn’t even want to edit these. The mood was perfect.


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