Between Black Coffee And Endless French Onomatopoeias

The following post is just a collection of random or not so random moments I’ve lived in the past couple of weeks. Like with a moodboard, they somehow ended up here all together, through different channels of ideas.


Hiding my outfit under a parka 

I promised the girls I would meet them for a Sunday afternoon at Pompidou on the free entrance occasion. It was pouring rain outside but I couldn’t help but want to put together an outfit. After a couple of worried looks out the window, I decided to keep it safe under a parka and basic sneakers which made it all boring. We decided not to queue the museum line in the wind and rain. Instead, we had a cozy and fun afternoon indoors with home-made pancakes and a chill hits playlist. From that perspective,  the rain seemed a lot more poetic. 


Seeing a man sat on the ground smoking on the RER (basically the metro)

Enough said, he got off shortly.


Having a guy flirt with me … over my bank card! 

“You have a really lovely bank card, mademoiselle”
“Oh I bet you tell that to all the girls don’t you?” – I said, a hint of sarcasm over my glass of Rosé.

“No – you are only the third one tonight.” 

PS – It was about 9.30 in the evening.

Wandering around the thrift shops in Marais for many afternoons not finding anything, but instead enjoying wandering around the small and quiet streets.

Maybe the stars weren’t properly aligned for shopping, but it was a lovely afternoon nonetheless.

Talking fashion at the doctor’s 

Long story short so we get to the funny part: apparently I had been wearing shoes that were too tight for the past months. All I wanted was to get back in my leather ankle boots after weeks in almost only sneakers.

“You should wear wider shoes, it’s much better for your health. Of course with the sector you work in, it gets a little complicated… But you know – Louboutin makes sneakers too!”

We both laughed.

Just one of those moodboard moments…


If you like photos like these, go take a look at my Parisian moodboard:

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